Grand Cepages

Chef and Sommelier Grand Cepages Glasses

Chef and Sommelier Grand Cepages glasses have been specially designed to combine the pleasure of expert tasting with the sophistication of the table it graces. Designed to enhance wines created from exceptional red and white grape varieties.

At the summit of a long and narrow stem, the bowl of glasses from the Grand Cepage glasses collection are available in several sizes.

Grand Cepages Glasses, further reading…

Chef and Sommelier Grand Cepages Glasses can enhance the greatest grape varieties, in all their diversity: from the powerful tannins of cabernet sauvignon to the sweetest and fruitiest chardonnay. With their generous silhouette, their sparkle, and their perfect purity, they transform wine tasting into a unique experience, and combine delicacy with durability.

Pair with tumblers from the primary collection.