Chef and Sommelier / Arcoroc Dinnerware

Arcorocs Zenix plates and dinnerware includes collections such as the Intensity and Tendency range using Arc’s revolutionary new material Zenix, as well the Grand Chef ranges brought to you by Chef & Sommelier. The dinnerware and plates collections used in the best restaurants and by the best chefs in your home at affordable prices.

Chef and Sommelier Plates and Dinnerware, further reading…

The world’s strongest Zenix dinnerware saves you a huge amount on replacement costs, lasting 5 to 7 times longer than any other manufacturer’s product. Zenix is virtually indestructible, and when combined with the refined elegant profiles, extra smooth blemish free surfaces and warm white colour it offers a premium presentation, and the very best value for money any restaurant, hotel or home could buy.

Chef & Sommelier dinnerware combines a mixture ground breaking materials with revolutionary treatments, alongside modern and contemporary shapes and designs that excite the senses. With the chef in mind, the different ranges are designed to enhance the culinary creations and to make a real statement on the table that wows any eating audience.

The innovative ‘Slide Control’ utilises a transparent silicone foot (dish washer resistant) on various small bowls, dishes and tumblers to prevent items sliding, even when tilted, on plates, platters, or slate base boards.